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For a collector, the decision to invest in a violin is complex. Ownership of violins is similar to ownership of art, in that dividends in the form of enjoyment from ownership are received, thus likely allowing a lower return. As in art, for the purchaser is often only of secondary importance the capital appreciation of the investment.

Investing in violins or artwork can provide the investor with prestige and a ticket into a social world of musicians or artists and other investors. However, the ownership of fine instruments has different benefits than other types of art ownership because most collectors loan out their instruments to talented musicians.

Violins are sold through both auction houses and dealers. One advantage of transacting through a dealer is that it is easier to borrow and try out the instrument. Salabue auctions also accommodates buyers in this manner. Furthermore, dealers will often accept “trade-ins” as long as the fiddle is traded for one of a similar or higher value to their discretion. However, Advantages of buying and selling through Salabue auctions include transparent pricing and a greater selection.

The Salabue business model as a Delaware Statutory Trust Company is aimed at enhancing the vested interest of both Sellers and Buyers of Fine Musical Instruments by enabling a choice of tax free equity shelters to off set the 28% Capital Gains Tax. Uncle Sam takes a tax bite out of almost every asset sold and collectibles are no exception. Indeed, collectibles are currently subject to one of the highest rates of federal taxation on investment property. Therefore, upon request Salabue offers the benefit of structuring a fine musical instrument tax shelter with choices of sound low risk diversified managed investment opportunities. 

Salabue as a Trust Company further rewards prospective clients as trustors, to hold, manage, administer, control, invest, reinvest and/or operate, its business and professional activities for profit and for those assigned beneficiaries of trustors or persons as beneficiaries.

Salabue provides high standards of objectivity and integrity which is what the code of ethics of our trustees is founded on. Salabue's objectivity standard is based on the impartial commitment of our trustees in providing full disclosure based on their expertise which they always strive to update based on total dedication to research. Salabue's integrity standard is based on the fiduciary commitment and accountability to all buyers and sellers alike.

Salabue also provides Consignment Agreement options that best suits the needs of prospective clients. Upon request updated appraisals will be provided for instruments which in our opinion have unmistakeable provenance and or attributions based on the information we have attained from over 50+ years of business practice through consensus of trade.

Demand repairs or restorations are headed and provided by Janos Bodor Jr. a 4th generation violin maker whom worked at the firm of Moennig and Son in Philadelphia for 25 years and in New York City for Jacques Francais for 15 years. Janos Bodor has the distinction of having his artistic biography as a Master Luthier listed on the reference book Violin Makers of the United States by Thomas J. Wenberg (p. 29).

Salabue's 50+ years of combined knowledge of our Trustees was gained by hands on experience in our fields of expertise. This provides to beneficiaries of our services whom entrust their fine instruments and bows to us an assurance unequal in an industry plagued by speculators, violin hunters, and fast buck artists Thus the benefits received by beneficiaries of the services of Salabue far outweigh the remuneration fees incurred for the goodwill benefits rendered by our Trustees. 



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