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EGRABS - Fine Auctions Webcast

Our Fine Auctions Live Webcast, EGRABS service, allows registered buyers access in Real Time to some of the finest collections of instruments and bows. Finding a spectacular violin family instruments will be more exiting than ever and a most pleasant one from the comfort of your Hand Held Device, Home and Office Computer, or Business. At Salabue we aim to make the buying experience of your investment on a Rare Fine Violin Family Instrument or Bow a most rewarding one for years to come! 

Available currently at is our continous auction app whereras Sellers can post their own Instruments and Bows to avail them to the general public

Continuous Auctions Questions & Answers

Brief FAQ Information of How to Sell and Bid at continuous open auctions

Q: How do I register to bid?

A: Click the "Register" link in the upper left 2 button of our Main Page Navigation Bar. If you have previously registered and have forgotten your password, click the "Forgot Password?" link and we will email it to you.

Q: How do I sign in to bid for the Live Auction?
Once you have registered, enter your username and password in the upper right corner and click the "sign in" button. It is that simple!

Q: What is an Absentee Bid?
Absentee bidding may be used by Bidders as it enables bidding to continue at the live event after the item's online close date. Online bidders may place "virtual, maximum bids" on these items. The absentee bidder may or may not be present at the live event. At the live auction, a "proxy" stand-in is designated to bid up to the Reserve Price- but not exceed - the Hammer's Drop maximum bid.

Q: What is Proxy Bidding Service?
Our "Proxy Bidding Service" or PBS provides the peace of mind of those not wanting to lose the opportunity of getting that beautiful instrument that they were looking for at Salabue’s. Once a PBS form with Lot and Maximum Offer is forwarded to us, a personal handler takes care of not missing the opportunity to bid the lowest possible increment needed - up to your specified maximum bid - enabling you to become the leading bidder. Please feel free to use our Contact Us page and ask for our PBS form. We will gladly forward one. Once your PBS is submitted, a personal handler from Salabue Auctions will contact you by email or by phone if requested.

Q: What is a Maximum Bid?
A maximum bid is the highest price a bidder agrees to bid on an item via a proxy bidding scenario. The PBS bids are made  by your handler in the smallest increment needed for Bidder to become the leading bidder, without exceeding his maximum bid. Bidders can always choose to increase the amount of their maximum bid on an item.

Q: What is a Straight Win Above Proxy?
A Straight Win Above Proxy is our premier PBS option at Salabue Auctions for specific lots. This is simply accomplished by means of our Proxy Bidding Service. The bidder decides to Offer a winning amount between 15-25% above the Hammer's Drop Price. The objective of placing a straight winning proxy is to avoid the time-intensive process of a "bidding frenzy." Straight bidding allows online bidders to "clean sweep" the specific Lot(s) they are interested in at Salabue Auctions.


Old, Modern, and Contemporary

*Master Violin Family Instruments and Bows*

For Prospective Consigners, we would like to briefly describe how you can submit instruments or bows to Salabue:

1. Kindly first forward photo images of your instruments or bows online through our Appraisal form so that we can make a preliminary assessment.

2. You may also schedule an individual appointment for an one on one assessment through our email contact page.

3. In the event of a large collection, we can arrange that our Appraiser schedules an appointment to view the collection at your place if you so desire. Thereon, if deemed feasible arrangements can be made for collections to be transported to us for closer examination and possible consignment. Please bear in mind that any submissions must be made at least six weeks prior to deadlines for consideration to upcoming Auction dates.

4. Once  instruments are received, a joint agreement as to Attribution and Price is drafted for informed consent. 

5. Salabue accepts provenance of instruments and bows from respected historical sources of the trade but reserves the right to provide a research based opinion if such provenance is at odds by acceptable trade attributions for the integrity of our Auctions.

6. Please note that a Salabue as an affiliate member of the International Society of Appriasers could write upon demand a Certified Appraisal Valuation paper at a nominal fee. For this we would require that the violin be sent to us. The cost of shipping is paid by the sender and varies depending on the means of delivery. In our practice USPS Priority seems to be the most modest and Fedex the most safe for valuable instruments. Instrument would then be sent back to with the Appraisal papers within 15 days upon receipt of payment for the Appraisal .

7. Certificates of Authenticity may be obtained from Salabue upon demand. A Certificate of Authenticity would be obtained by Salabue signed by either a local or an international expert with first hand knowledge and reliable expertise in the field of authentication. The price could be from 7% to 10% of the valuation fee. This may require that the instrument remain with us for at least 45 to 90 days as in order to conduct research and coduct a consensus of trade.

8. A Dendochronology study may be suggested if the consensus of trade so requires. These are done by experts in the field upon demand. Wood ring studies are a scientific tool that enables to ascertain the provenance of the materials as Master Makers used various sources to construct their instruments.

Please rest assured that our combined experience of over 50 years in dealing with Fine and Rare Violin family instruments and bows enables us to perform an optimal assessment, description, and presentation of your instrument on our website . Henceforth, your instrument and or bow is presented to potential would be buyers consisting of a domestic and international clientele base which may include Artists, Musicians, Collectors, or Dealers. Therefore, a successful sale is guaranteed if sales price and conditions of sale are met with.

We are always ready to answer any questions you may have during the sales process. In the event that an item is not sold on Consignment or at Auction, if you so desire your instrument can be placed on a Tax Deferred Trust Account for unlimited exhibition until finally sold. We gladly welcome you as a new Prospective Seller or Buyer at Salabue.





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