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Trust Company Overview:

Salabue is a Trust Company dealing in the trade of fine instruments of the Violin Family and Bows. The combined 50 plus years of experience in the trade by the Trustees of Salabue is based on hands on knowledge of instrument free hand style fabbrication and restoration. Unlike generalist auctions, our genuine expertise is not limited to looking at pictures of instruments or bows, but on the authentic experience of the Trustees of Salabue which enables us to provide bona fide opinions of attribution for the benefit of Sellers or Buyers alike.

Philosophy of Trade Practices:

Salabue is a Trust Company founded on fair business practices and consensus of trade. Salabue appraisal practices are based in accordance to Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices. 


Salabue aims to offer a gratifying experience and premier a la carte services to everyone interested in fine beautiful instruments of the violin family. The same level of professional care is provided for all Sellers and Buyers alike. 

Our Website:

The portal is a state of the art easy to use informative Auction and Appraisal site dealing with Rare Fine Violin Family Instruments and Bows. Upcoming archives shall be accessible to registered users with digital information including images of Baroque, Classical, Modern, and Contemporary instruments or bows.

Live Auctions:

Salabue Auctions are published online and through periodicals with 60 days of anticipation. Auctions are audited for compliance to State and Federal regulations alike.

Luthier Service:

Some instruments that come to Salabue possibly have not been played for quite some time which may require a new setup (pegs, tailpiece, bridge, sound post, strings). However, fine instruments that have not been played for decades require extensive upmost care. This can be accomplished by Janos Bodor Jr. whom worked at the firm of Moennig and Sons of Philadelphia for 25 years and in New York City for Jacques Francais for 15 years. Janos Bodor Jr. is a Maker and Expert restorer with over 40 years of expertise knowledgeable of the classical works of the Great Makers inside and out, many of which instruments from diverse Collections are under his care. Janos Bodor Jr. has the distinction of having his artistic biography as a Luthier listed on the reference book Violin Makers of the United States by Thomas J. Wenberg (p. 29). *Any costs relating to restorations are discussed with owners beforehand and may be deducted upon request from the sale proceeds with prior agreement.


Hardcopy catalogs are provided by Subscription. Attributions made thereof are intended as bona fide reference material only.

Tax Advice:

All Online and 'Live Auction' sales may be subject to Local, State, and Federal Luxury Taxation. Certified Public Accountant advise in writing to Prospective Buyers and Sellers may be provided upon request at a fee when it pertains to items sold as a part of a Will or an Estate.

Special Instrument Trust:

Salabue is looking forward to support the education of gifted performance track instrumental students as well as those serious in pursuing apprenticeships as violin makers and restorers. With this aim, the Salabue Board of Trustees shall manage a Special Instrument Trust which shall include:

•A Donation based Financial Grants fund  for the benefit of gifted young instrumentalist or makers pursuing achievement in a professional educational endeavor,

•A Cooperative Rare Fine Instruments Loan Program to help boost the careers of aspiring Gifted Instrumentalists or Makers.

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